JE Dunn is always out looking for the best and brightest skilled trades men and women.  At JE Dunn our skilled trades professionals can grow their careers in an environment where they are valued for the work they do, and where safety is always job number one! We believe that at JE Dunn the work experience, training and continuous employment afford the opportunity for a skilled trades professional to build a long and rewarding career with JE Dunn. 

Experienced Professional

JE Dunn provides an innovative work environment to build a better career. As an experienced professional you will find a wide variety of new challenges to learn, grown and increase your impact in our organization. We are always on the lookout for talented professionals in Project Management, Construction Supervision and our Corporate Services. Apply now or sign up from job alerts to stay informed about future roles.

Early Career Professional

JE Dunn prides itself on hiring the best and brightest college graduates. We are dedicated to employee development by providing interesting and challenging work. Through internal training programs, on-the-job training and mentoring relationships, we provide the resources, opportunities and support to build an exciting and rewarding career.

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